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Surveys and Report

We are appointed to the panels of most mortgage lenders. This means that in most cases we are able to undertake a mortgage valuation at the same time as a private survey. We have 1509002 Quality Assurance Accreditation.

Valuation Report

A brief report in respect of value only which can be used for a variety of purposes including mortgage security, taxation, probate and family issues but does not constitute survey.

RICS Homebuyers Survey and Valuation

This economy service for purchasers devised by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, involves a more detailed inspection and report than a valuation. It is generally considered suitable for modern, traditional properties and will include comment on all visible section.

All accessible parts of the building will be inspected and the report will included action points to retain the saleability of the property together within digital pictures and graphics where appropriate. It can also include, when requested, an Energy Efficiency Rating for the property and a Security Report.

Although every effort is made to inspect the entire property. This may not always be possible and significant. Defects could exist in areas that were inaccessible to the surveyor.

For Purchasers

This report is ideal for those purchasers who which to be protected against major unforeseen repair bills. At no extra charge a mortgage valuation certificate will be made available to your mortgage, if requested.

For Sellers

Pre-sale surveyors help to speed up the home buying and selling process and are becoming increasingly popular.

Essentially, the main difference with this service is that its is commissioned by the seller of the house, who then makes the report available to potential purchasers.

Although commissioned by the seller or their again, we ensure that this report is independent and objective so that it can be made available to and relied upon by purchasers and lenders. Although the report does not include and valuation a Mortgage Valuation Certificate will be provided at no extra charge to a mortgage lenders if requested.