Northern Ireland Property Market: Key Statistics Q2 2023

2nd February 2024

Market Share by Property Type

Terrace/townhouse properties: 27.02%
Semi-detached properties: 34.11%
Detached properties: 26.81%
Apartments: 12.05%

Price of Terraced/Townhouse properties increased by just under 3% on 2023 Q1.


Average Property Price in NI by Property Type

Terrace/townhouse properties: £135,682
Semi-detached properties: £189,039
Detached properties: £290,340
Apartments: £158,821

Fermanagh & Omagh: £196,265

Northern Ireland: £204,331

The Fermanagh Functional Housing Market Area saw the highest increase in house prices in NI from Q1-Q2, at 5.9%.


Source: Ulster University Northern Ireland Quarterly House Price Index - Q2 2023