Northern Ireland Property Market: Key Statistics Q3 2023

13th January 2024

Market Share by Property Type

Terrace/townhouse properties: 29.36%
Semi-detached properties: 33.46%
Detached properties: 26.04%
Apartments: 11.13%

Semi Detached Properties increased by 4.1% on Q3 2022, while market share of Apartments are up 5%.


Average Property Price in NI by Property Type

Terrace/townhouse properties: £137,272
Semi-detached properties: £195,228
Detached properties: £299,400
Apartments: £158,173

Fermanagh & Omagh: £172,522

Northern Ireland: £205,545

Overall, the annual rate of price change – which had been slowing over the course of 2023, exhibits an unweighted decline of 0.8% compared to Q3 2022.

The House Price Index this quarter shows that the average price of properties transacting during Q3, 2023 was £205,545, an increase of 2.4% by comparison with the second quarter of 2023 and an annual weighted price increase of 4.7% in comparison to Q3 2022. 


Source: Ulster University Northern Ireland Quarterly House Price Index - Q3 2023